We are currently involved in the following ministries to glorify God by reaching out to our neighbors, edifying each other, and extending the Kingdom of Heaven across the globe.

We don’t just “do programs” for the sake of having programs and we never want these ministries to detract from our focus on God or respect for the family unit. Come join us as we pursue our Mission to exalt the Savior, humble the sinner, and promote true holiness.


Are you having trouble at work, school, or in your family? We’ll guide you from God’s word.  Please see the calendar for walk-in times or contact us for an appointment. Free of Charge.

Intercessory Prayer Meeting

Worship in song + prayer + fellowship
Thursdays — 7pm — Please contact us for directions to the host home


If you are in need of food, home repairs, or financial assistance please contact us. It is our goal to help people in the name of Christ and so fulfill the law of love (Mark 9.41; Galatians 5.14).


Being the beneficiaries of God’s great grace we don’t want to hide it under a basket and keep it for ourselves (Matthew 5.15). We actively seek places and opportunities to tell people about Jesus.

Missionary Support

We are blessed to come alongside brothers & sisters in the Lord who have been called to serve Him overseas. This includes the Davidsons in Russia and the Mission to Myanmar.

Exalting the Savior | Humbling the Sinner | Promoting True Holiness

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