Future Songs

Here are three music groups with scripture-saturated songs.

Adam’s Road Band

(website here) – I’ve been in touch with these guys and they offer their music free of charge.  They even sent me music-only (no vocals) versions of several songs that we could sing over.

A number of their tracks appeal to me for congregational use, including:

No Greater Love

Second Adam

Great Commission

Trilogy Scripture Songs

(website here) – [note, they are SDA which isn’t ideal] – I’ve been in touch with them and if we buy their song books we can sing their songs in public worship.  “Wells of Salvation” is the album I am familiar with; I am especially interested in:

Let the word of Christ dwell in you

and several others which aren’t available for preview.

Jamie Soles

(website here) – I’ve spoken with him and we can use his tracks for church worship (that would be his vocals included).  I have two of his albums and really like “Pure Words”; several of the best are:

Psalm 1, Psalm 3, Psalm 12, and Psalm 16 here.




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