Psalm 65




Psalm 65.1  Praise waits for Thee in Zion!
to Thee vows paid shall be.
2 O God, of prayer the hearer,
all flesh shall come to Thee.
3 Iniquities are daily
prevailing over me,
but all of our transgressions
are covered o’er by Thee.

4 How blessed the man Thou choosest
and bringest near to Thee,
that in Thy courts forever
his dwelling place may be.
We shall within Thy temple
be wholly satisfied
and filled with all the goodness
Thy sacred courts provide.

5 O God of our salvation,
Thou in Thy righteousness
with awesome deeds and wonders
Thine answer wilt express,
O Thou in Whom confiding
all ends of earth agree,
and people who are sailing
upon the farthest sea.

6 Thy might has built the mountains;
power clothes Thee evermore,
7 To calm the nations’ clamor
and still the ocean’s roar.
8 Thine awesome signs and wonders
fill distant lands with fear.
Thou markest dawn and sunset
for joy to shout and cheer.

9 Thy visits bring the showers;
Thou dost enrich the field.
God’s river brims with water;
Thou dost prepare earth’s yield.
10 Thou waterest earth’s furrows;
clods break down ‘neath Thy rain.
Thou soft’nest earth with showers,
to bless each sprouting grain.

11 Thou crownest years with goodness;
Thy steps enrich the ground.
12 The desert pastures blossom;
the hills with joy resound.
13 The fields with flocks are covered;
the vales with grain are clad.
They all rejoice with shouting!
They all with songs are glad!

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