Psalm 72




Psalm 72.1  O God, Thy judgments give the king,
His reigning son Thy righteousness;
2 He to Thy people right shall bring,
with justice shall Thy poor redress.
3 The heights shall bring prosperity,
the hills bring peace by righteousness;
4 He’ll judge the poor, the wronged set free,
and crush the men who them oppress.

5 Till sun and moon no more are known
they shall Thee fear in ages all;
6 He’ll come as rain on meadows mown
and show’rs upon the earth that fall.
7 The just shall flourish in his day;
while lasts the moon shall peace extend;
8 from sea to sea shall be his sway,
and from the River to earth’s end.

9 The nomads bow to him as king,
and to the dust his foes descend;
10 The isles and Tarshish tribute bring,
and Sheba, Seba gifts shall send.
11 All kings shall down before him fall,
all nations his commands obey.
12 He’ll save the needy when they call,
the poor, and those that have no stay.

13 He’ll show the poor his sympathy,
and save the needy by his might;
14 From fraud and force he’ll set them free;
their blood is precious in his sight.
15 So he shall live; a gift of gold
from Sheba they’ll before him lay.
They’ll him in constant prayer uphold,
their blessings on him chant all day.

16 On hilltops sown a little grain,
like Lebanon with fruit shall bend;
new life the city shall attain;
she shall like grass grow and extend.
17 Long as the sun his name shall last.
It shall endure through ages all;
and men shall still in him be bless’d;
bless’d all the nations shall him call.

18 Now blessed be our God alone.
Jehovah, God of Israel;
for only He has wonders done;
His deeds in glory far excel.
19 And blessed be His glorious name,
long as the ages shall endure.
O’er all the earth extend His frame;
amen, amen, for evermore.

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