Psalm 110




Psalm 110.1  Jehovah to my Lord has said,
“Sit Thou at My right hand
until I make Thy foes a stool
whereon Thy feet may stand.”
2 Jehovah shall from Zion send
the scepter of Thy power.
In battle with Thine enemies
be Thou the conqueror.

3 A willing people in Thy day
of power shall come to Thee.
Thy youth arrayed in holiness
like morning dew shall be.
4 Jehovah swore, and from His oath
He never will depart;
“Of th’order of Melchizedek
a priest Thou ever art.”

5 The Lord at Thy right hand shall smite
earth’s rulers in His wrath.
6 Among the nations He shall judge;
the slain shall fill His path.
In many lands He’ll overthrow
their kings with ruin dread;
7 and, marching, He’ll drink from the brook
and so lift up His head.

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