Psalm 97




Psalm 97.1  Jehovah reigns; let earth be glad;
let isles their joy make known;
2 Dark clouds surround Him and on right
and justice rests His throne.
3 Fire goes before Him, and His foes
it burns up round about;
4 His lightnings lightened all the world;
earth saw and shook throughout.

5 Before the LORD the mountains melt
as wax before a flame,
before the Lord of all the earth
as near His presence came.
6 The heav’ns declare His righteousness;
all men His glory see.
7 All serving graven images
confused and shamed shall be.

They who of idols boast are shamed;
to Him gods worship bring.
8 When Zion hears this, she is glad,
and Judah’s daughters sing,
because of all Thy judgments, LORD
9 Thou art the LORD Most High
above all earth, above all gods
exalted very high.

10 Hate evil, all who love the LORD;
He keeps His saints secure,
and from the hand of wicked men
He gives deliv’rance sure.
11 For all the righteous light is sown,
and true hearts gladness claim.
12 Ye righteous, in the LORD rejoice,
and thank His holy name.

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