Psalm 71




Psalm 71.1  O LORD, in Thee I’m trusting
ashamed let me not be;
2 O save me in Thy righteousness,
give ear and rescue me.
3 Be Thou my rock, my dwelling place
my constant safe resort.
Thou y salvation hast ordained;
Thou art my rock and fort.

4 From wicked hands, God, free me,
hands cruel and unjust.;
5 Thou, Lord Jehovah, art my hope;
from youth Thou art my trust.
6 For I have been sustained by Thee
through birth and early days;
brought from my mother’s womb by Thee,
I’ll give Thee constant praise.

7 To Many I’m a wonder;
Thou art my refuge strong.
8 My mouth is brimming with Thy praise
and honor all day long.
9 Do not reject me in the time
when old age I shall see;
and in my days of failing strength
do not abandon me.

10 My enemies with hatred
against me evil speak;
those who are watching for my life
united counsel seek.
11 They say, “God has forsaken him!
Pursue him! None will save!”
12 O God, do not be far from me;
my God, Thy help I crave.

13 Let all who strive against me
disgraced and wasted be,
all covered with reproach and shame
who seek to injure me.
14 But I with lasting confidence
will hope continually,
and I will praise of Thee.

15 All day my mouth Thy justice
and Thy salvation show,
for proofs of them are far beyond
16 the numbers which I know.
For I will go forth in the strength
of Thee, Jehovah Lord;
Thy righteousness, and Thine alone,
Abroad I will record.

17 O God, You’ve been my teacher
ev’n from my days of youth;
and all the wonders Thou hast done
I still declare as truth.
18 So now, when I am old and gray,
O God, forsake me not,
until Thy strength and power I have
each generation taught.

19 For, God, Thy justice reaches
into infinity,
and Thou hast wrought such miracles,
O God, who is like Thee?
20 Thou Who before has made me see
much evil and distress
wilt me revive and bring me up
from depths which me depress.

21 Do Thou increase my greatness,
and comfort to me bring.
22 Then with a harp I’ll give Thee thanks;
my God, Thy truth I’ll sing.
O Holy One of Israel,
with harp Thy psalms I’ll bring.
23 My lips will shout; my ransomed soul
in psalms to Thee will sing.

24 My tongue will keep proclaiming
Thy justice all day long;
for they are humbled and ashamed
who seek to do me wrong.
1 O Lord, in Thee I refuge take
ashamed let me not be; 
2 O save me in Thy righteousness,
give ear and rescue me. 

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