Psalm 27




Psalm 27.1  The LORD’s my shining light
and my salvation sure;
who can fill me with fright
or move my heart secure?
The LORD’s my stronghold ever near
of whom then shall I stand in fear?

2 When adversaries came
to eat my flesh away,
those wicked tripped in shame,
and fell to their dismay.
3 Though hosts surround, I will not quail
and still I trust, though war assail.

4 My one desire has been,
still to the LORD I pray,
that all my days within
the LORD’s house I may stay.
The LORD’s own beauty to admire,
and in His temple to inquire.

5 When troubles fill my day,
when fears and dangers throng,
securely hid I’ll stay
in His pavilion strong.
He’ll hide me in His tent always;
and high upon a rock me raise.

6 My head shall lifted be
above my enemies.
Within His tent with glee
I’ll offer sacrifice.
With shouts of joy my song I’ll bring
there praises to the LORD I’ll sing.

7 LORD, hear me when I cry!
O answer me in grace!
8 Each time I hear You say,
“Enquire and seek my face,”
My heart in glad response will speak,
“Your face, O LORD, I’ll always seek.

9 Hide not Your face from me,
Your servant now, I pray;
the day you angry be
O turn me not away!
You’ve been my help. Forsake me not!
God, my Salvation, leave me not!

10 Though parents may betray,
the LORD will care for me.
11 Teach me, O LORD, Your way;
on level path lead me.
For me my foes in ambush wait;
my way is lined with those who hate.

12 O to my foes’ desire
hand me not over now!
They cunningly conspire
their charges false to vow,
their every breath is cruelty;
how hopeless seems my case to be!

13 O had I not believed
that I would surely see
the goodness of the LORD
with those that living be!
Wait for the LORD! With strength restored,
be brave in heart. Wait for the LORD.