Psalm 132




Psalm 132.1  David, and all his anxious care,
do Thou, O LORD, remember now;
2 how he unto the LORD did swear,
to Jacob’s Mighty One did vow:

3 “Into my house I will not go,
nor will I on my bed repose;
4 sleep to mine eyes I will not know,
slumber shall not mine eyelids close;

5 “till I a place find for the LORD,
a house for Jacob’s Strong One build.”
6 Of it at Ephratah we heard,
we found it in the forest-field.

7 We’ll go into His courts, and bow
before the footstool of His grace.
8 Arise, Thine ark of strength, and Thou,
O LORD, into Thy resting place.

9 O clothe Thy priests with righteousness,
and let Thy saints glad shoutings make;
10 Avert not Thine anointed’s face,
for Thine own servant David’s sake.

11 The LORD hath unto David sworn
in truth, He will not turn from it,
“I of the sons unto thee born
will make upon thy throne to sit.

12 “If they My cov’nant will obey,
and testimonies I make known,
their children I will bless, and they
shall sit forever on thy throne.”

13 The LORD hath chosen Zion hill;
for there He hath desired to dwell.
14 “This is My rest, and here I will
abide; for I do like it well.

15 “I’ll her provision richly bless;
with bread her poor I’ll satisfy;
16 Her priests I’ll clothe with righteousness;
her saints with shouts of joy shall cry.

17 “To bud I’ll there make David’s horn,
and for My King a lamp I’ll trim;
18 His enemies I’ll clothe with scorn,
but flourish shall His crown on him.”