Psalm 145




Psalm 145.1  I will Thee praise, my God, O king,
and I will ever bless Thy name.
2 I will extol Thee every day
and evermore Thy praise proclaim.

3 The LORD is great; He praise exceeds;
His greatness fully search can none;
4 race shall to race extol Thy deeds
and tell Thy mighty acts each one.

5 Upon Thy glorious majesty
and wondrous works my mind shall dwell;
6 Men shall recount Thy dreadful acts,
7 and of Thy greatness I will tell.

They utter shall abundantly
the mem’ry of Thy goodness great,
and shall sing praises cheerfully
while they Thy righteousness relate.

8 Jehovah very gracious is;
in Him compassions also flow;
in lovingkindness He is great,
and unto anger He is slow.

9 O’er all His works His mercies are;
the LORD is good to all that live.
10 Praise, LORD, to Thee Thy works afford;
Thy saints to Thee shall praises give.

11 The glory of Thy kingdom show
shall they, and of Thy power tell;
12 That so men’s sons His deeds may know,
His kingdom glories that excel.

13 Thy kingdom has no end at all;
it does through ages all remain.
14 The LORD upholdeth all that fall,
the cast down raises up again.

15 The eyes of all upon Thee wait;
their food in season Thou dost give;
16 Thine opened hand doth satisfy
the wants of all on earth that live.

17 The LORD is just in His ways all;
in all His works His grace is shown;
18 The LORD is nigh to all that call;
who call in truth on Him alone.

19 He will the just desire fulfill
of such as do Him fear indeed;
their cry regard and hear He will,
and save them in the time of need.

20 The LORD doth safely keep all those
who bear to Him a loving heart,
but workers all of widkedness
destroy will He and clean subvert.

21 Then with my mouth and lips I will
Jehovah’s name with praise adore.
And let all bless His holy name.
Forever and for evermore.