Psalm 43




Psalm 43.1  Defend me, God, and plead my case
against a godless clan;
deliver me from fraudulent,
unjust, and wicked man.

2 O God in Whom I refuge take,
why have You cast me off?
Why must I grieving walk about
while foes oppress and scoff?

3 O send Your light forth and Your truth;
O let them lead me well
and bring me to Your holy hill,
the place You choose to dwell.

4 Then I will to God’s altar go,
to God, my boundless joy.
To render thanks to God, my God,
to harp will I employ.

5 O why, my soul, are you bowed down?
Why so discouraged be?
Hope now in God! I’ll praise Him still!
My Help, my God is He!