Psalm 124




Psalm 124.1  Now Is-ra-el may say and that in truth,
“If that the LORD had not our right maintained,
2 If that the LORD had not with us remained,
when cruel men against us rose to strive,
3 we surely had been swallowed up alive.

Yea, when their wrath against us fiercely rose,
4 Then as fierce floods before them all things drown,
so had they brought our soul to death quite down;
5 The raging streams, with their proud swelling waves,
had then our soul o’erwhelmed as in the grave.”

6 Blessed be the LORD Who made us not their prey;
7 As from the snare a bird escapeth free,
their net is rent and so escaped are we.
8 Our only help is in Jehovah’s name,
who made the earth and all the heav’nly frame.