Psalm 92




Psalm 92.1  It’s good to thank the LORD,
to praise Your name, Most High!
2 To show Your love at dawn,
Your faithfulness all night!
3 The ten-stringed lyre
with sweet-voiced lute and rippling harp
Your praise inspire.

4 Your deeds, LORD, made me glad.
I’ll joy in what You’ve done.
5 How great Your doings, LORD!
How deep Your thoughts each one!
6 Fools won’t be shown;
the foolish can’t accept this truth,
to him unknown!

7 Though sinners grow like weeds,
ill-do-ers blossom may,
8 They’re doomed to be destroyed.
You, LORD, exalted stay.
9 LORD, Your foes fall.
See! How Your foes, vain evil men,
are scattered all!

10 You’ve raised like ox, my horn,
poured fresh oil on my head.
11 You made me see the spies
and hear what plotters said.
12 Like thriving palm
the righteous grows, like cedars tall
on Lebanon.

13 Those planted by the LORD
shall in God’s courts be seen;
14 When old they’ll still bear fruit
and flourish fresh and green,
15 and loud proclaim
how upright is the LORD, my Rock;
no wrong in Him!