Psalm 11




Psalm 11.1  My trust is in the LORD;
how can you say to me,
“Now like a bird from peril haste
and to your mountain flee!
2 The wicked bend the bow
with arrow fixed for flight,
and stealthily in darkness go
the true in heart to smite.

3 “Foundations are destroyed!
What can the righteous try?”
4 The LORD is in His holy place;
the LORD’s throne is on high.
His eyes will surely see,
His eyelids try men’s sons.
5 The LORD tries just and wicked men;
His soul hates cruel ones.

6 Upon all wicked men
He’ll rain entangling snares.
Brimstone and fire and burning wind
He for their cup prepares.
7 For righteous is the LORD,
and He loves righteousness;
and every one who upright is
will see His gracious face.