Psalm 51




Psalm 51.1  God, be merciful to me;
on Thy grace I rest my plea;
in Thy vast, abounding grace,
my transgressions all erase.
2 Wash me wholly from my sin;
cleanse from every ill within.

3 For my sins before me rise,
ever present to my eyes,
4 I have sinned ‘gainst Thee alone,
in Thy sight this evil done;
that Thy judgment may be clear,
and Thy sentence just appear.

5 Lo, brought forth was I in sin;
when conceived I was unclean.
6 Lo, Thou dost desire to find
truth sincere within the mind;
and Thou wilt within my heart
wisdom unto me impart.

7 Then with hyssop sprinkle me,
and from sin I clean shall be.
Wash me, from its stain, and lo,
I shall whiter be than snow.
8 Make me hear joy’s cheering voice;
make my broken bones rejoice.

9 From my sins hide Thou Thy face;
my iniquities erase.
10 O my god, renew my heart,
and a spirit right impart.
11 Cast me not away from Thee,
nor Thy Spirit take from me.

12 Give salvation’s joy again,
and a willing mind sustain.
13 Then Thy perfect ways I’ll show
that transgressors may them know;
they converted then shall be;
sinners shall be turned to Thee.

14 Free me from the guilt of blood,
God, of my salvation God;
then with joy my tongue shall raise
songs Thy righteousness to praise.
15 Open Thou my lips, O Lord;
then my mouth shall praise accord.

16 Sacrifice Thou wilt not take,
else would I the off’ring make.
Off’rings burnt bring no delight,
but a broken heart, contrite,
17 God’s accepted sacrifice,
Thou, O God, wilt not despise.

18 Prosper Zion in Thy grace;
Salem’s broken walls replace.
19 Then shall sacrifices right,
whole burnt off’rings Thee delight;
so will men, their vows to pay,
bullocks on Thine altar lay.