Psalm 73




Psalm 73.1  God’s surely good to Is-ra-el,
to every one whose heart is pure.
2 But as for me, I nearly fell;
my footsteps were no longer sure.
3 For I was envious of the proud
and wicked ones with wealth endowed.

4 For in their death no pangs they know;
their strength is firm from day to day;
5 They have no part in others’ woe,
nor plagued as mortal men are they.
6 They make their necklace arrogance,
and clothe themselves with violence.

7 Their eyes are bulging from excess;
their hearts o’erflow with dreams they seek.
8 They scoff; they threaten to oppress;
disdainful words they proudly speak.
9 Their mouth the heights of heaven raids;
their tongue around the world parades.

10 Their people therefore this way turn
and drink their streams that overflow.
11 “For how,” they say, “can God discern?
and does the Most High really know?”
12 Behold, ungodly men are these,
who gain in wealth and live at ease.

13 Then surely I have toiled in vain
to cleanse my heart from all offense,
and vainly from each guilty stain
have washed my hands in innocence.
14 Still grievous plagues all day I’ve borne
and have been chastened every morn.

15 If I would let my thoughts lead me
to speak with doubting words this way,
behold, the children called by Thee
I certainly would then betray.
16 But though the facts I tried to see
the problem deeply troubled me.

17 Then came I to God’s sanctu’ry
and there considered well their end.
18 They’re set on slipp’ry ground by Thee,
and them to ruin Thou dost send.
19 How rapidly destroyed are they,
by sudden terrors swept away!

20 As one who from a dream awakes,
their form, O Lord, Thou wilt despise.
21 So when my heart with grieving breaks,
and bitter thoughts within me rise,
22 I senseless am, and blind within;
a beast before Thee I have been.

23 Yet evermore I am with Thee:
Thou holdest me by my right hand.
24 And Thou, ev’n Thou, my guide shalt be;
Thy counsel shall my way command.
And afterward in glory bright
shalt Thou receive me to Thy sight.

25 For whom have I in heav’n but Thee?
None else on earth I long to know.
26 My flesh may faint and weary be;
my heart may fail and heavy grow;
with strength doth God my heart restore;
He is my portion evermore.

27 They perish that are far from Thee;
Lo, in their lewdness they shall die.
28 But surely it is good for me
that unto God I should draw nigh.
I refuge take in GOD the Lord,
that all Thy works I may record.