Psalm 37




Psalm 37.1  Have no disturbing thoughts about
those doing wickedly,
and be not envious of those
who work iniquity.
2 For even like the growing grass
soon be cut down shall they;
and like the green and tender plant
they all shall fade away.

3 Set thou thy trust upon the LORD;
continue doing good.
Dwell thou securely in the land;
make faithfulness thy food.
4 Joy in the LORD; He’ll grant each gift
for which thy heart may call.
5 Commit thy way unto the LORD;
trust Him; He’ll do it all.

6 And like the morning light He shall
thy righteousness display;
and He thy judgment shall bring forth
like noontide of the day.
7 Rest in the LORD; wait patiently;
fret not for anyone
who prospers in his wicked way,
completing schemes begun.

8 Cease being thou by anger stirred;
make thou of wrath an end.
Fret not thyself, for fretting will
to evildoing tend.
9 For evildoers soon shall be
cut off, no more to stand;
but those who wait upon the LORD
inherit shall the land.

10 For yet a little while, and then
the wicked shall not be;
his place thou shalt consider well,
but him thou shalt not see.
11 The meek and humble of the land
inheritors shall be;
and they shall then delight themselves
in full prosperity.

12 The wicked plots against the just
and grinds his teeth in wrath;
13 because He sees his day will come
the Lord at him shall laugh.
14 The wicked men have drawn their swords
and bent their bows to slay,
to cast the needy down and kill
the men of upright way.

15 But yet the sword which they have drawn
shall enter their own heart;
their bows which they are bending shall
in broken pieces part.
16 The little that the righteous has
is more and better far
than great abundance many have
who wholly wicked are.

17 For wicked arms shall broken be;
the LORD the just sustains.
18 The LORD knows days of perfect men;
their heritage remains.
19 They shall not be ashamed when they
the time of evil see;
and when the days of famine come
they satisfied shall be.

20 But wicked men, Jehovah’s foes,
like meadow flow’rs are they;
and they shall vanish; as does smoke
they all shall fade away.
21 The wicked borrows, but his debt
he never does repay;
whereas the righteous gracious is
and freely gives away.

22 For those who have been blessed by Him
inherit shall the land;
and those who have been cursed by Him,
cut off, shall no more stand.
23 The very steps of man have been
established by the LORD;
He takes great pleasure in man’s way,
His progress to record.

24 Though he may stumble, he shall not
fall so he cannot stand,
because Jehovah is the One
Who holds him by his hand.
25 I have been young, now many years
have o’er my life been spread;
I’ve never seen the righteous left,
his children begging bread.

26 All day he’s gracious and he lends;
his sons a blessing are.
27 Depart from evil, and do good,
and dwell forevermore.
28 Because Jehovah justice loves
and never leaves His own,
they are preserved for evermore,
but sinners overthrown.

29 The righteous shall inherit earth,
and ever in it dwell.
30 The Just man’s mouth will wisdom speak;
his tongue will justice tell.
31 The law of God is in his heart;
no stumbling steps he’ll make.
32 The wicked spies upon the just
and seeks his life to take.

33 The LORD will never leave the just
within the wicked’s hands,
nor let the righteous be condemned
when he in judgment stands.
34 Wait on the LORD and keep His way;
exalt you then shall He
that you inherit shall the land,
the wicked’s ruin see.

35 I saw the wicked, ruthless man,
a tree whose leaves abound;
36 I passed one day and he was gone;
though sought, could not be found.
37 Consider well the perfect man;
the upright watch and see;
for certainly the man of peace
shall have prosperity.

38 But those who are transgressors will
be wiped out one and all.
Posterity of wicked men
will be cut off and fall.
39 Salvation of the righteous ones
is from the LORD alone.
He will a perfect refuge be
in times distress is known.

40 Jehovah helps and rescues them;
He will deliver them
from wicked men; He will them save
because they trust in Him.
 Have no disturbing thoughts about
those doing wickedly,
and be not envious of those
who work iniquity.