Psalm 122




Psalm 122.1 I was glad to hear them saying
“To the LORD’s house let us go.”
2 For our feet will soon be standing
in your gates, Jerusalem,
3 Salem, well constructed city;
4 there assemble all the tribes,
tribes that are Jehovah’s own.

This the ordinance for Isr’el,
here to thank Jehovah’s name.
5 There are set the thrones of judgment;
there is David’s house enthroned.
6 Pray then for the peace of Salem;
may they prosper who love you.
7 Be there peace within your walls.

8 In your palaces be safety.
For the sake of brothers all,
for the sake of my companions,
9 I am saying, “Peace to you!”
For Jehovah’s house within you,
temple of the LORD our God,
I will ever seek your good.