Psalm 119.113-128


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Psalm 119.113 The men of double mind I hate;
Thy law my love has stirred!
114 Thou art my shield and hiding place;
my hope is in Thy word.
115 Depart, ill doers, that I may
my god’s commandments heed.
116 Sustain as Thou hast promised me
that I may live indeed.

117 Quench not my hope, but hold me safe;
Thy statutes I’ll respect.
118 All those who from Thy statutes err,
in scorn Thou dost reject.

How useless their deceitfulness!
In falsehood is no gain.
119 Thou dost the wicked purge from earth
like dross, that none remain.

120 So I Thy testimonies love
my flesh is quivering
for fear of Thee; and deepest awe
Thy judgments surely bring.