Psalm 119.81-112




Psalm 119.81 My soul for Thy salvation faints;
yet I Thy word believe.
82 Mine eyes are failing for Thy word;
when wilt Thou comfort give?
83¬†For like a wineskin I’m become
that in the smoke is set;
but yet the statues Thou hast giv’n
I never will forget.

84 How many are Thy servant’s days;
when wilt Thou execute
just judgment on these wicked men
that do me persecute?
85 The proud have rigged a pit for me;
they disregard Thy laws;
86 Thy words all faithful are; help me
pursued without a cause.

87 They do consume me that on earth
my life they scarce did leave;
Thy precepts yet forsook I not
but close to them did cleave.
88 According to Thy love and grace
me quicken and preserve;
the testimony of Thy mouth
so shall I still observe.

89 For evermore in heav’n, O LORD,
Thy word is settled fast;
90 Thy truth extends to every age;
Thou mad’st the earth to last.
91 Thy laws continue to this day;
to Thee all things give heed.
92 If in Thy law I found no joy,
I’d perish in deep need.

93 Thy precepts I will ne’er forget;
they quickening to me brought.
94 For I am Thine; O save Thou me;
Thy precepts I have sought.
95 The wicked seek my death, but I
Thy testimonies laud.
96 Of all perfection bounds I’ve seen,
For Thy command is broad.

97 O how I love Thy law, it is
my study all the day.
98 It makes me wiser than my foes;
its precepts with me stay.
99 More than my teachers or the old
Thy servant understands;
Thy testimonies I consult
100 and follow Thy commands.

101 I stayed my feet from evil ways
that I Thy word observe;
102 I have been taught by Thee and from
Thy judgments will not swerve.
103 How sweet in taste Thy promises,
than honey far more sweet!
104 Thy precepts understanding give;
I therefore hate deceit.

105 Thy word is to my feet a lamp,
and to my path a light.
106 I sworn have, and I will confirm
to keep Thy judgments right.
107 I’m humbled much, PORD, quicken me
according to Thy word.
108 Accept the offerings of my mouth;
teach me Thy judgments, LORD.

109 My soul is ever in my hand;
Thy law I never spurn.
110 The wicked laid a snare, yet from
Thy precepts I’ll not turn.
111 I’m to Thy testimonies heir;
they joy to my heart lend.
112 My heart Thy statues longs to keep
forever to the end.