Psalm 119.41-80




Psalm 119.41 O let Thy lovingkindnesses
come unto me, O LORD.
May Thy salvation also come
according to Thy word.

42 Then I shall answer him who taunts,
for in Thy word I trust.
43 Take not from me the word of truth;
I wait Thy judgments just.

44 I’ll keep forever, evermore,
the law which Thou dost speak.
45 And I will walk at liberty,
for I Thy precepts seek.

46 I’ll of Thy testimonies speak
to kings and not be shamed.
47 In Thy commandments which I love
I’ll find the joy I’ve claimed.

48 To Thy commandments which I love
my hands I’ll dedicate,
and in Thy statutes evermore
I’ll deeply meditate.

49 The promise keep in mind which Thou
didst to Thy servant make,
the word which as a ground of hope
Thou causedst me to take.

50 By this in time of my distress
great comfort I have known;
for in my straits I am revived
by this Thy word alone.

51 The men whose hearts with pride are filled
did greatly me deride;
yet from Thy good and holy law
I have not turned aside.

52 Thy righteous judgments which Thou didst
make known of old, O LORD,
I have remembered, and to me
they comfort did afford.

53 Great wrath took hold of me because
ill men Thy law forsake.
54 I in my house of pilgrimage
Thy laws my songs do make.

55 Thy name by night, LORD, I recalled
and I have kept Thy law.
56 And this I had because that I
Thy precepts kept with awe.

57 The LORD my portion is; I’ve said
I’ll keep Thy words to me.
58 I’ve sought Thy face with all my heart;
as promised, gracious be.

59 I viewed my ways, turned my feet toward
Thy testimonies’ way.
60 I hastened Thy commands to keep;
my fee made no delay.

61 The wicked wrapped me ’round with cords;
thy law I did not slight.
62 I’ll rise at midnight, thanking Thee
for all Thy judgments right.

63 I’m with those who thy precepts keep
and all those fearingThee.
64 Thy mercy fills the earth, O LORD;
Thy statutes teach Thou me.

65 According to Thy word, O LORD,
Thou hast Thy servant blessed.
66 Teach me good judgment, knowledge give;
on Thy commands I rest.

67 Ere I afflicted was I strayed;
Thy word I now obey.
68 For good Tou art and doest good;
teach me Thy statutes’ way.

69 The proud besmear with lies, but I
Thy precepts keep aright.
70 Their heart is buried deep in fat;
Thy law is my delight.

71 It has been very good for me
that I was humbled low.
It through affliction was that I
Thy statutes came to know.

72 The law proceeding from Thy mouth
I much more precious hold
than countless thousands of find coins
of silver and of gold.

73 Thy hands created me; make wise
all Thy commands to learn.
74 May those who fear Thee see with joy
how to Thy word I turn.

75 I know, O LORD, that righteous are
Thy judgments one and all,
and that in faithfulness thou hast
let trouble on me fall.

76 O let Thy steadfast love cheer me,
as promised to Thy slave.
77 May Thy compassion bring me life;
Thy law great pleasure gave.

78 O may the arrogant be shamed
who falsely me accuse
to overturn me; yet I shall
upon Thy precepts muse.

79 To me all turn, who, fearing Thee,
Thy testimonies claim.
80 Let my heart in Thy statutes be
united, without shame.