Psalm 119.17-40




17 Do Thou in bounty deal with me
because I keep Thy way,
that by Thy favor I may live;
I will thy word obey.
18 Unveil my eyes, that in Thy law
Thy wonders I may see.
19 I stranger am on earth; hide not
all Thy commands from me.

20 My soul is crushed because I for
Thine ordinances yearn.
21 Thou hast rebuked the proud, accursed,
from Thy commands who turn.
22 Do Thou remove contempt from me;
take my reproach away;
for I Thy testimonies still
observe and will obey.

23 The princes high against me speak
their counsel to fulfill,
but I, Thy servant, meditate
upon Thy statutes still.
24 Thy testimonies also are
my comfort and delight;
they are as men who counsel me
and lead my steps aright.

25 My soul has cleaved to dust; revive
according to Thy word.
26 Teach me Thy statutes; when my ways
I’ve told, thou hast me heard.
27 Make me to know Thy precept’s way,
Thy wonders to review.
28 My soul melts down with grief; my strength,
as Thou has said, renew.

29 The way of falsehood take from me;
grant me Thy law in grace.
30 The faithful way I choose; I’ll give
Thine ordinances place.
31 I to Thy testimonies cleave;
O LORD, no shame impart.
32 I’ll run the way of Thy commands;
Thou wilt enlarge my heart

33 Teach me, O LORD, Thy statutes’ way;
I’ll keep it to the end.
34 O make me wise; to keep Thy law
my whole heart shall attend.
35 Make me to follow Thy commands,
for they my joy maintain.
36 Thy testimonies claim my heart;
keep me from love of gain.

37 Revive me in Thy way and turn
my eyes from vanity.
38 I am devoted to Thy fear;
confirm Thy word to me.
39 Turn Thou away my feared reproach,
for good Thy judgments be.
40 Behold, I for Thy precepts longed;
in justice quicken me.