Psalm 119.1-16




Psalm 119.1 How blest the blameless in their way
who from God’s law do not depart,
2 who, holding fast the word of truth,
seek Him with undivided heart.
3 Yea, they are kept from paths of sin
who walk in His appointed way;
4 Thy precepts Thou hast given us
that we should faithfully obey.
5 My wavering heart is now resolved
Thy holy statutes to fulfill;
6 no more shall I be brought to shame
when I regard Thy holy will.
7 To Thee my praise sincere shall rise
when I Thy righteous judgments learn;
8 forsake me not, but be my guide,
and from Thy statutes I’ll not turn.
9 How shall a young man cleanse his way?
Let him with care Thy word observe.
10 With all my heart I have Thee sought;
from Thy commands let me not swerve.
11 Thy word I’ve treasured in my heart,
that I give no offense to Thee.
12 Thou, O Jehovah, bless-ed art;
Thy statutes teach Thou unto me.
13 I with my lips have oft declared
the judgments which Thy mouth has shown,
14 more joy Thy testimonies gave
than all the riches I have known.
15 I’ll on Thy precepts meditate,
and have respect to all Thy ways.
16 I in Thy statutes will delight,
Thy word remember all my days.